WordPress is WordPress (or is it?) (the embed test)

WordPress is WordPress, correct? Well… apparently not. This is a WordPress.com hosted blog, eh? So can I embed a post published on my WP.com site just by pasting the URL into a block?

Yes! That is a beauty, eh? Looks great.

But… can I do the same for my own self-hosted blog? Can I have embed please with this WP.org post?

Yes, imagine that. WordPress.com can embed WordPress.com and WordPress.org posts in this nice way… That is what on might expect from this documentation on the WordPress Embed Block.

With the WordPress Embed block, you can embed WordPress posts into your posts and pages. 


WordPress is WordPress, right?

Well…. no exactly. You might want to see what happens when I try this same attempt on my self hosted (aka .org) blog. Look! Embedded!

To summarize:

  • A WordPress.com blog can embed any WordPress post hosted on WP.com OR a WP.org ste.
  • A WordPress.org hosted blog cannot embed a WordPress.com hosted post but can embed ny WP.org hosted post.

When on WP.com, for the purposes of embedding with the WordPress Block. WordPress is WordPress, when on WP.org, WordPress.com is not WordPress.

Fun, eh?

Featured Image:

Got My WP Gear
Got My WP Gear flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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